After over 30 hours in the cold, 17-year-old Ashley Reeves miraculously survived.

Ashley Reeves. Source.

17-year-old Ashley Reeves was a high school junior who lived in Millstadt, a village in Illinois, with her parents and younger sister Casey. She did well in school, had many friends and even a boyfriend named Jeremy who her parents adored.

Ashley was eagerly awaiting graduation. Little did she know that just a year before she was set to walk across the stage, Ashley would experience the unthinkable and live to tell her tale.

On Thursday, April 27, 2006, Ashley told her parents she was going to a job interview in Fairview Heights, a city approximately 20 minutes away from…

She killed him in the one place he said he wanted to see before he died

Jordan Graham and Cody Johnson. Source: Sky News

To most people, weddings are joyous occasions; they symbolize love and mutual respect, uniting two families as one. Couples in love stand before their friends and family to profess their love for one another, vowing to stay together until death. For 25-year-old Cody Johnson, death would come only eight days after his wedding, when his newlywed bride would callously push him off a cliff, and he would plummet 200-feet.

Cody and 22-year-old Jordan Graham met in church in Montana. Cody wasn’t very religious until he met Jordan. Soon enough, they began dating and attending church together regularly. …

The man who allegedly beat the teen to death with a bottle of rum 9 years ago is in custody.

Faith Hedgepeth | Source.

Earlier this year I wrote about the heart wrenching murder of 19-year-old Faith Hedgepeth, a University of North Carolina student who was found brutally murdered, and raped in her friend’s off-campus Chapel Hill apartment where she was staying. Though the killer left behind DNA, the murder weapon, and a mysterious note, the case went unsolved for 9 years.

You can read the full case here:

For years, private investigators and internet sleuths have been convinced that Faith’s friend, Rosario, and her violent ex-boyfriend, Eriq, who once threatened to kill Faith, were guilty of the crime.

It turns out that may not be the case after all.


Abby Hernandez was locked in a storage container by a crazed madman. A phone call led to her freedom.

Abigail “Abby” Hernandez | True Case Files

On October 12, 2013, 14-year-old Abigail “Abby” Hernandez hugged her boyfriend Jimmy goodbye after school. The teen lovebirds usually took the bus together but on that particular day, Abby decided to walk to her North Conway home where she lived with her mom and older sister.

The young couple was texting back-and-forth when a man in a blue pickup truck suddenly pulled over next to Abby and offered her a ride. She texted Jimmy a heart emoji, opened the passenger side door, and got in.

He wouldn’t hear from her for 9 months.

Her Boyfriend’s Father Was Suspected

The man told Abby he needed to…

Lauren called the police 15 times begging for protection but she was left to fend for herself.

Lauren McCluskey | Source: Refinery29

On September 2, 2018, 21-year-old University of Utah student, Lauren McCluskey and her friend Alex went to London Belle, a popular new bar in downtown Salt Lake City. While there, Lauren became friendly with a 28-year-old bouncer named Shawn Rowland. Lauren was instantly attracted to Shawn and on her way out, she scribbled her phone number on a napkin and handed it to him.

They went on their first date the very next day. Shawn surprised Lauren with a bouquet of roses and took her to a rock climbing gym followed by dinner at a fancy restaurant. Lauren was smitten…

Maybe Aristotle was right.

Aristotle. Source: Wired

In the 19th century, epileptics were thought to be deranged, and completely devoid of moral prowess. They were looked down upon by the religious, who regarded seizures as “demonic” and “possessed” convulsions. Epileptics were forbidden from marrying or entering public places and were often perceived as having a lower than average IQ.

On the contrary, an epileptic might just be the smartest person you know. These 3 historical figures strengthen Aristotle’s claim that Epilepsy and genius go hand in hand.

Vincent Van Gogh

It didn’t take much to trigger an unspeakable act of violence.

Colleen Ritzer | Source: NBC News

When 14-year-old Philip Chism failed to return home from school on October 22, 2013, his mother anxiously called the police and reported him missing. The single mom and her son had just moved from Tennessee to Danvers, Massachusetts amid a bitter divorce.

Curiously, the Danvers High School junior wasn’t the only one to suddenly vanish in a town of 27,000 that day. Philip’s 9th-grade Algebra teacher, 24-year-old Colleen Ritzer, was missing too. Her car was sitting in the school’s parking lot where she had left it, but the beloved teacher was nowhere to be found.

With no clues left behind…

Crystal Howell installed a stripper pole in the kitchen, and spent $12,000 of her father’s money on drugs, and alcohol for her friends.

Crystal Howell. Source: The Sun

Michael Howell had a wife, two loving daughters, and a beautiful suburban Virginia home. He was living the all-American dream — until he discovered that his wife, Kristina, had been harboring a deep, dark secret: Michael's oldest daughter, Sierra, wasn’t his biological child.

After 19 years of marriage, Michael filed for divorce, and moved to an idyllic 8-bedroom cabin in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, taking their 12-year-old daughter, Crystal, with him.

Crystal didn’t take the news well. She acted out by lying, stealing, and even set a neighbor’s property on fire. …

They cooked and served meals to patrons for 12 hours while their 5-year-old daughter’s body decomposed above them.

Ashley Zhao. Source: Turned Up Dead

Liang Zhao: I can’t find my daughter

911 Operator: When was the last time you saw her?

Liang Zhao: This afternoon probably? 4? 5?

911 Operator: You haven’t seen her for 5 hours?

Liang Zhao: She was sleeping in the back. We went to work and let her sleep. After it got busy we started cleaning up. We opened the door and she’s not here!

On January 10, 2017, at 9 pm, 34-year-old Liang Zhao made an alarming call to 911. His 5-year-old daughter, Ashley Zhao, had been missing — for 5 hours.

Liang and his wife, 29-year-old Mingming Chen…

The 16-year-old’s body was found dumped behind a trash bin. Did she poison herself, or was she murdered?

On Halloween 2008, Daniel and Mary Jane McCann returned to their suburban Virginia home after a long day of work to find a red light blinking on their answering machine. It was a recording from West Potomac High School informing them that their 16-year-old daughter, Annie, had been absent. An alarming note was found on the 11th grader’s bed:

This morning I was going to kill myself, but I realized I can start over instead. I don’t want help and I’m no longer scared. If you really love me you’ll let me go. Please don’t go looking for me. Please…

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