I have the secret sauce

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Photo by Logan Weaver, Unsplash

No, this is not a hoax, I really did make $2,249 my first month on Medium. Yes, I am just as shocked as you are. Yes, I know I have less than 500 followers. But, 483 people gave me a shot. 483 people told me, “Hey, your work isn’t half-bad.” Thanks, guys, this one is for you.

Don’t believe me? Well, as the kids say, here are the Stripe ‘receipts.’

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I tried to resize this, but technology is another thing I am not an expert on. Photo by the author.

Now, if you’ll allow me to continue.

No, I am not a famous writer. I am not a famous anything. …

She committed the most heinous crime.

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Lisa Montgomery. Photo source.

Bobbie Jo Stinett and her husband Zeb Stinett were a happy couple in their early twenties from Skidmore, Missouri who owned a successful dog-breeding business they ran from the comfort of their own home. They were childhood sweethearts and were getting ready to welcome a new addition to their home, as Bobbie Jo was eight months pregnant with the pair’s first child.

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Zed and Bobbie Jo. Photo source.

Bobbie Jo met a woman claiming to be named Darlene Fischer in an online Rat Terrier chat room called, ‘Ratter chatter.’ Of course, Darlene’s real name was Lisa Montgomery. …

Bipolar disorder may be an invisible illness, but those who suffer from it, are not

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Photo by vireshstudio, Unsplash

Growing up, I was the antitheses of my brother. He was popular, I was bullied. He had tons of friends, I ate lunch alone. He was best friends with my father, I was closer to my mother. Suffice it to say, we did not get along. As we morphed into adulthood, we became closer, even cohabitating, at one point. Most of the time, it was nice. We watched movies together, ate together, and laughed together.

Other times, we pretended the other did not exist.

At times, my brother and I believed the problem laid in our personalities; perhaps they were not compatible with the other. Him being a social butterfly, he can light up an entire room with his skills of conversation and quirky sense of humour alone. People are naturally drawn to him, and he has no shortage of friends to choose from. He can spend an entire day with several different people, chatting and gabbing, whereas I am a self-admitted wallflower. …


Fatim Hemraj

I am a Criminology Major, a TBI Survivor, a True Crime Enthusiast, and a Cat-Mumma. I don’t believe in niches, I believe in writing.

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