She killed him in the one place he said he wanted to see before he died

Jordan Graham & Cody Johnson. Source.

Authorities believe two escorts named “Sugar” and “Peaches” may have robbed and killed Wilma in 1978.

Wilma June Nissen. Source.

When Savannah’s parents received texts from her phone, they knew she wasn’t the one who had written them

Savannah Gold. Source: Action News Jax

An affair, a scorned woman and a sweet tooth: the crimes of Cordelia Botkin

Cordelia Botkin. Source: Criminal Genealogy

The survival story of Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson. Source: Fox 6 News

Keith Gentry kept guns in his house for protection, little did he know he was already sleeping with the enemy.

Keith and Darlene Gentry. Source.

Her killer’s lies caught up with him quicker than he could spit them out

Jessie Blodgett. Source.

After over 30 hours in the cold, 17-year-old Ashley Reeves miraculously survived.

Ashley Reeves. Source.

21-year-old Alexis Crawford was strangled and dumped in a park during the early morning hours of Halloween

Alexis Crawford. Source.

Fatim Hemraj

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