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A 21-year-old pregnant woman lost her life in an effort to keep her job

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Alisha Bromfield-Anicich. Source.

911 Dispatcher: “Do you know who murdered her?

Brian Cooper: “I did.

21-year-old Alisha Bromfield-Anicich was a student at Western Illinois University. She was a few months away from graduating with a degree in Forensic Psychology and was six and a half months pregnant with a baby girl who she planned to name Ava Lucille. Although the father of the child didn’t want to be involved, Alisha was incredibly excited to become a mother. Unfortunately, she would never get that opportunity.

36-year-old Brian Cooper was Alisha’s supervisor at Home Depot, her job of 5 years. Alisha would consistently tell her friends and family how badly Brian treated her at work; he would call her a ‘whore’ and a ‘slut’ and would often throw things at her. He would force Alisha to work at a moment's notice, making her miss important doctor’s appointments. Brian used his managerial position to exert power over and intimidate Alisha, all so he could spend as much time as possible near her. …

Amanda Taylor had fantasies of becoming a serial killer

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Amanda Taylor. Source.

Amanda and Rex Taylor met in the ninth grade. The two were enamoured with one another and quickly became inseparable, marrying at the young age of nineteen. The couple went on to have two children, a girl and a boy. But by 2014, things began to go south for the Taylor’s. A year later, Rex would be dead and Amanda would be heading to prison for life.

Amanda and Rex bonded over their mutual fetish for murder, blood and gore. …

He intentionally removed 57 vials from the refrigerator rendering them useless

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Steven Brandenburg, Source.

After over a year of battling Covid-19, many have been relieved to find that a Moderna vaccination has been approved. People around the world have been hopeful that with the introduction of the vaccine, the rising rates of Coronavirus cases will begin to dramatically decrease and finally mark the beginning of the end of the pandemic.

However, not everyone views the vaccine as positive reinforcement, especially 46-year-old Wisconsin pharmacist Steven Brandenburg who has been accused of purposefully ruining over 500 doses.

On December 24, 2020, Steven, an employee of Aurora Medical Centre, removed 57 vials of the Coronavirus vaccine from the refrigerator and left them out overnight before putting them back in the following morning. On the night of December 25, Steven once again removed the vials from the refrigerator intending to leave them out overnight for a second time, however this time, the violation was noticed by a co-worker, a pharmacy technician, who promptly reported the incident. …

She killed him in the one place he said he wanted to see before he died

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Jordan Graham & Cody Johnson. Source.

To most people, weddings are joyous occasions; they symbolize love and mutual respect, uniting two families as one. Couples in love stand before their friends and family to profess their love for one another, vowing to stay together until death. For 25-year-old Cody Johnson, death would come only eight days after his wedding, when his newlywed bride would callously push him off a cliff, and he would plummet 200-feet.

Cody and 22-year-old Jordan Graham met in church in Montana. Cody wasn’t very religious until he met Jordan. Soon enough, they began dating and attending church together regularly. …

The blood-soaked mattress was brought into the courtroom for a re-enactment of the murder

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Jeff & Susan Wright. Source.

Susan met Jeff Wright in 1997 while working as a waitress in a restaurant in Galveston, Texas. The two immediately hit it off and a year later, they were married with a baby boy on the way. Four years later, they welcomed their second child into the world. The Wright’s were living the all-American dream; Jeff was a successful carpet salesman and Susan was a loving stay-at-home mom, together with their two children they lived in a quaint White Oak Bend home in Harris County, Texas.

However, behind closed doors, things were far more sinister than they appeared and the bruises on Susan’s body told a different story. …

December 2020 Newsletter

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Trending Stories:

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Tortured Dutch Tycoon Murdered and Buried in His Home by Jax Hudur

Hollywood Glamour Girl Lana Turner’s Teenage Daughter Killed Her Abusive Mobster Boyfriend by Fatim Hemraj

Viral Stories:

The Woman Who Was Kidnapped and Kept in A Coffin-Sized Box for 7 Years Swati Suman with 19.4K views

The Authorities Claimed She Was Mauled by a Wild Animal by Jax Hudur with 7.3K views

The Bathtub Sisters by Fatim Hemraj with 9.3K views

Child Star Murdered by Her Own Father in Horrifying Double Homicide by Liz Jin with 5.1K views

Gems You May Have Missed:

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Shelby’s Sweetheart: The Disappearance of Asha Degree by Jenn Baxter

The Nurse Who Murdered Her Nanny and Dumped Her Body in a Cornfield by Fatim Hemraj

Man Obsessed with Vampires and Fantasy Role-Play Finds His Perfect Murder Victim by Liz Jin

The Elderly Woman Who Used Cyanide to Murder Those Who Trusted Her by Jyoti Meena

Rising Stories:

Hong Kong ‘Milkshake Murderer’ Served Her Husband Drug-Laced Milkshakes by Adam Novak

Man Murders His Estranged Wife & Texts Her Friends She’s in the Hospital With Covid-19 by Fatim Hemraj

The Man Who Killed His Wife With a Deadly Cobra by Anita Durairaj

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new writers!

Adam Novak, Anita Durairaj, Sarah Lyall-Neal, PsyD, Jenn Baxter, Rebecca Kotnik, Jean Campbell, Elan Cassandra, Jyoti Meena, Hemant Singh, S.A. Ozbourne, Jessie London

If you would like to be added as a writer, email me at fatimhwriting@gmail.com with your Medium handle.

Thank you for supporting Memoirs from History, I appreciate each and every single person who takes the time to read our stories!

Wishing you all a happy & safe 2021! 🎆

Alex Minassian’s goal was to kill 100 people to ‘set a world record’

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Alex Minassian’s LinkedIn photo. Source.

Alex Minassian’s former classmates and employers described him as a ‘nice guy,’ ‘harmless’ and ‘respectful.’ In elementary and high school, Alex attended special classes due to his learning difficulties from being on the Autism spectrum. His classmates remembered him as a student who mostly kept to himself and was not very social.

After graduating from high school, Alex began pursuing a degree in Information Technology at Seneca College in North York, Ontario and worked on various projects developing apps for different companies.

In 2017, Alex enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces but unfortunately, he could not adapt to military life. He was not used to the social interactions which were required of him and he disliked wearing his uniform. …


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