She killed him in the one place he said he wanted to see before he died

Jordan Graham & Cody Johnson. Source.

After attending a murder mystery dinner theatre with his wife, Steve Hricko was found dead in his suite.

Kimberly and Steve Hricko. Source: Forensic Files

The man who has been the prime suspect for 11 years has been arrested and charged with murder.

Hailey Dunn. Source: CBS News

When the 911 operator told Ellen’s fiancé to administer CPR he said, “Do I have to?”

Ellen Rae Greenberg. Source: Oxygen

Short Reads

It is believed to be the oldest cold-case solved as of yet.

Newspaper from 1956. Source: Billings Gazette

Now he must choose between electric chair or firing squad for South Carolina’s first execution in a decade

Brad Keith Sigmon. Source: My Crime Library

He looked at her in the courtroom and said, “If it’s the last thing I do, I will finish the job.

Mary Vincent. Source: Blurred Bylines

He took her dignity, she took his life.

Maria Barbella. Source: Alchetron

He allegedly manipulated a 15-year-old girl into an online “relationship” before meeting in person at his concert in Ohio

Fatim Hemraj

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