Another Medium Writer Plagiarized My Work

Browsing on Medium, I came across a piece that was clear plagiarism of a true-crime piece I wrote about a month ago. There will always be multiple articles written about the same true crime case, that is inevitable. There is nothing wrong with this when it is written with a writer’s own words. The problem is when the words are copy-pasted, and maybe one word is omitted or changed, or none at all.

The title of their story is the subtitle of mine. The subtitle of their story is the URL of mine. The opinion written in the conclusion of their story is the conclusion of mine. The evidence of plagiarism is overwhelming.

I wrote this piece about a month ago and currently, it has 37k views and counting.

Today, I came across this piece.

Their piece contains more information about the case in general, but it does not take away from the fact that the titles, some of the body of the content and the conclusion, were taken from my work.

Now, not only have they plagiarized my work, they have gone a step further and applied the word gaslighting, an actual manipulative abuse tactic that many real people suffer from on a daily basis, and applied it to my allegation.

This behaviour is completely inappropriate. The saddest part of all of this is that I was an avid supporter of their work prior to this. I am not sure why the writer did not think I would come across it, since I was one of their followers (and they were one of mine), up until today.

I won’t be writing a follow-up to respond to them, as I’ve already gone to high school and don’t particularly need a repeat. I guess I should be flattered, right? If your work gets copied, I guess that means you’ve made it!

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