Damn--now those are high standards to live up to, Aimee and Winifred are both writers whose work I keep coming back to. Yeah so on the topic, when the new changes rolled out recently I saw many posts from writers complaining they now wouldn't get paid for poetry or short-form pieces that showed the entire piece without having to click 'read more,' and I knew that just simply couldn't be true.

It makes sense what you've pointed out here. I have a piece that I like to call poetry (in reality it's trash because even though I'm trying and I want to be, I'm not great at it), it has like 700-something views simply cause it's short-form and people scroll past it. It's read count is pathetically low in comparison.

But, it doesn't matter. I keep it there cause I like it and cause ART--not the ten cents it's made me.

There's not that many people left that value art over money--I admire you, never change!!

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