Daryl, I agree. Her statement that I put at the end was not to show that she was a caring or loving mother. It was to show exactly what you stated quite so eloquently; her deluded narcissism.

I was and still am devastated that she seemingly walked away unscathed. The system is disappointing and we all know that.

She acts as though there was nothing she could have ever done to save them, that the only thing that saved them was for them to be killed.

I do not think she is innocent in all of this. In fact, I blame her almost as much as I blame the father; she may not have pulled the trigger, but she hand-delivered his victims to him.

From my research, it sounds like the girls reported the incidents to their aunt (Patricia's sister) who then reported it to the authorities, who did not take them seriously, and in fact coerced them to change their statements. I did not read anything about the girls reporting it to the school authorities, or even just a teacher noticing their cut up lips and swollen eyes. The teachers are mandated reporters so I can't really fathom how no one would have seen all their injuries, and if they did, how no one said anything.

There were so many ways the girls could have been saved and yet every single person in this story failed them. Over and over. It upsets me just to think about it.

Thanks for reading Daryl.

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