I Just Want to Be in the Cool Kids Club

A month before I began writing on Medium I deleted all of my social media accounts. Instagram and Facebook were taking up all of my time and not really giving anything valuable back in return. Now here I am three months later, back on social media, but this time, solely to share my work and connect with other writers.

Just when you think you’re out, they suck you back in.

Instagram, Pinterest, which according to Iva Ursano can be wiped out at a moment's notice for no reason:

Twitter, which I’m actually loving (mostly because now I can laugh along at Trump’s deranged tweets) and LinkedIn which works pretty well if you can avoid the creeps, Kaia Maeve Tingley, I feel you:

My gripe is with Facebook. They don’t believe I’m me, and I don’t know why.

I created an account simply to join Medium groups to promote my work and connect with other writers.

The day after I joined, Facebook sent me a message similar to, “Hey, you’re breaking our guidelines. We’re not going to tell you how because it’s more fun that way, bye.

So there I was, my newly-created account suspended and without an explanation. It reminds me of when you publish a piece to a publication and it gets rejected without any reasoning or criticisms from the editor. So you sit there and over-analyze everything to try and figure out why you suck and how to un-suck. It’s a really awesome way to drive yourself crazy.

Who, me? I’m not stress-eating. You’re stress-eating.

Two weeks later I went back on Facebook and they told me what their deal was, “Hey, listen, if you just send us a photo of yourself then maybe we’ll consider un-banning you but don’t get your hopes up, peasant.

Oh, so they just don’t think I am who I say I am.

Okay, this seems like an easy enough fix.

So I patted down my ‘rats nest’ (this is how my boyfriend describes my hair when I wake up in the morning), forced on a half-smile and took a photo.

This should do it. Who looks more like me than me, right?

Ohhh, no no no, girl, you had it wrong, I thought to myself when I read Facebook’s response the next day, “Yeah…sorry, we still don’t think it’s you. Bye. P.S. nice hair.

Damn, that’s harsh.

So if you want to connect with me, you can find me on Twitter. Facebook won’t let me in the cool kids club.

Clearly, It’s not them, it’s me.

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