Feeling like an over-protective mama bear over here. It hurt my heart to read how much of the story you were made to delete (I sincerely hope you saved it somewhere.)

This is exactly why I made my own publication. I was being told to 'beef up' stories by editors and add things that didn't really happen just because it would make the story better. Then I was told a story was too detailed or too gorey, though similar stories were published immediately following.

Sometimes there are no real tangible reasons why an editor doesn't want to publish a specific story. They just don't like it. They are not being objective.

I think something editors need to realize is just because something may not speak to you, does not mean it won't speak to others.

I love your writing and it bums me out you were made to feel this way. I ESPECIALLY love your jokes and sassyness--please don't ever change. Sending you lots of e-hugs and love. You rock Winifred, don't you forget it.

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