I agree with everything you have written, except for this, due to my own experiences. More than once, in my younger years, I was involved in romantic relationships with Caucasian men whose families were not at all accepting of me, ie. their legs were definitely not wide open. I was openly criticized about being a different skin color, culture, etc. So, I don't think white societies are all-accepting and the exception to the rule, I think people no matter what color their skin is, can be ignorant and prejudice.

I do agree that if 'honour' was really the issue, the marriage would have never been allowed, but we don't know the full story. Perhaps, Patricia had converted to Islam or had made a promise to. Perhaps, Yasir is more hypocritcal than we think, and married a non-Muslim woman full well knowing there would be cultural differences. I guess it really is all up for debate.

I do find it ridiculous that in parts of the world (India, as you mentioned), a 30 year old marrying a girl half his age wouldn't turn heads twice. It's pretty disgusting.

Thanks for reaidng and for your perspective.

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