I believe her defence saved her from the death penalty by making it clear Susan wanted death, she wanted an escape, a way out, and that to kill her, would not be punishment, it would be giving her what she wanted. Instead, the defence said, let's give her lonliness, isolation, decades in prison.

I don't buy it, though. In my opinion, if she had truly wanted to kill herself, she would not have left the vehicle. I believe it was such crock the defence fed the judge to save his client.

I am always torn on the death penalty.

Part of me believes people like her don't deserve another day on earth, another forces me not to be so naive--inmates still have a lot of privileges, they definitely eat better than the homeless and poor. They still have access to drugs and cigarettes. Not to mention, how much money it costs just to house 1 inmate annually.

I don't know what is better, what I do know though, is that Susan will be eligible for parole in only a few years, and I don't think she deserves to be a free woman. She certainly has now shown any growth or maturity while imprisoned. She received many infractions for drug use, self-harm and engaging in sexual intercourse with more than 1 correctional guard. Her erratic behaviour will only continue, in my opinion.

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