I get really hurtful comments on here every now and then, and they always say the exact same thing verbatim--the issue is, 99% of the time the comments aren't constructive, they're only criticism. And, it's criticism with no goal other than to offend the writer and put them down, by people who don't put their heart out on the internet.

Yet, they are always so judgmental. But, I believe most comments like this are usually from either a place of projection, or hurt. This lady in particular, just sounds hurt. She sounds like she's going through some shit and perhaps, she just saw the quote at a bad time and it sent her off the edge.

I would get mad before, but lately, I'm trying to look for the reasons and show empathy. By adopting this method, I've actually had a few people backpedal on their hurtful comments, apologize, or explain that they were infact, misunderstood, or just in a bad place at the time.

Yeah, the quote may not be super inspirational, but it's the truth. And, you can't fully heal and move on without being honest. You can't just sugar coat everything, that's not how life works.

If you've already got 600k followers on FB, you're clearly providing value to people and doing something right, so I'd say, keep doing you.

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