Interesting, thank for sharing, Iva. I'm having a similar problem with Facebook.

I created an account for my new true crime pub and they immediately suspended me saying I did not follow their community standards (of course, they never tell you what it is you allegedly did wrong.) About two weeks later, Facebook says hey, send us a photo of yourself to prove it's you, and then you'll be able to use your account. I send a photo, Facebook says they still think my account is against the guidelines or that it isn't really me (wtf).

So, yeah, now I can't use Facebook for my blogs which is a huge bummer because there are so many Medium groups on there I was looking forward to joining. I have pinterest but I honestly barely understand how to use it, your views were impeccable.

I'm under the impression they shut you down because you were just doing too well. What a piss off.

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