It is definitely not for everyone. In fact, truth be told when I began reading it I actually did not know what it was about, as ignorant as it sounds.

I was in my early 20's attempting to go through the top 100 books to read in a lifetime list (spoiler alert: I did not complete the list.)

So there I was on the train to work reading book and I noticed everytime I’d have it out others would give me funny or odd looks.

I guess they were wondering why this girl is reading a book about pedophilia!

I think you’re on to something though. I think it was intended to show the inner workings of such a person, and maybe even simply just the shock factor. People love shock value and controversy don’t they.

On a sidebar, I admire a type of person who can find something useful or still take the time to expose themselves to something they may not have a direct interest in. So thank you for reading Maude! 🤗 I appreciate your support, as always.

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