I’ve Got Some Love to Share

My top picks of the month, so far

I felt like returning some of the love I’ve received on here, so here are some of the lovely & creative stories I’ve enjoyed this month, so far, in no particular order.

This is one of the most creative pieces I’ve read so far on Medium, written by Hannah Louise.

Jyoti Meena wrote an empowering and entertaining story about a sh**ty date.

In this piece, Hogan Torah shows his vulnerability while still maintaining the humour that I enjoy in his work.

Vishnu*s Virtues says he didn’t think he could write humour, but in reality, he’s actually f***ing hilarious.

Adriana Sim took her time to write this awesome piece about curation to help other writers excel on Medium. A self-less angel.

Paul Morgan wrote this piece on the muse phenomenon I’ve been hearing about lately. It’s creative and witty, the best of both worlds.

Olivia Marlene wrote this piece on basic marital obligations, it kept me guessing the whole time and was such a unique idea.

Noma Dek wrote this inspiring piece all about an emerald green dress, it screams ‘girl power’ and gave me all of the feels.

Phil Truman wrote this hilarious piece about his book reviews on Amazon. I admire people who can laugh at themselves, it shows a great amount of humility.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do.

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