Oh, I completely agree. But, I am pretty sure he'll die in prison because I can't ever see anyone approving his parole that soon, or ever. At least, I hope not.

Lol at the castration - this is exactly what he deserves. I'm not sure I believe the mother didn't know, either. I just can't imagine her not questioning why he spent so much time down there, or ever go down there herself in her own house. Seems bizarre to me. I would have a difficult time forgiving my mother too, but my mom would NEVER buy that b.s. story, she'd be outside looking for me in every nook and cranny!

Phew. I'm getting all riled up and angry reading the story again myself.

Oh gosh. I haven't heard of this story, I'm going to look it right now, thanks for sharing, and thanks for reading, as always. :)

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