UPDATE: For all the lovely readers who commented and asked me to provide an update to this story, here it is!

On Oct 17 I sent an email to Medium reporting the user who blatantly stole my work. Today, I finally received a response:


We’ve received your copyright notice and forwarded it to the poster of the content in question. The content is being removed (note: it may take some time to fan out to our CDNs). If the alleged infringer files a valid counter-notice, we will forward it to you and repost the content after ten days unless you send us notice that you have filed an action seeking a court order to restrain the user from the allegedly infringing activity. For more information on our copyright policy, go here."

I then went on to the other user's story and I see the following message:


451 not available

This story is subject to a DMCA copyright or other legal or government claim. A report is available on Lumen."

I am beyond thrilled Medium did the right thing.

Thanks, Medium! :)

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Most importantly, thank you all named above for your support!!

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